Betting Guide: All You Must Know

Many people make a big decision to set up a new online gambling account. Everyone has a different reason to sign up. Some want to look for better odds, new markets, take benefits for new gamblers offers, try betting for fun, among others.

It does not matter the category you fall into, but it is vital you learn all things you need to set up a new account. You can also claim perks for being a new player. To understand how you should open a bookie account and all things required, follow this guide.

  1. Choose A Reliable andTrusted Bookmaker

Before you start to bet, you need to choose a bookmaker. However, you should undertake some research to identify a reputable and trustworthy bookmaker.

You must be cautious before you sign up. You do not just choose a bookmaker that comes on your way. That is because not all sites can be trusted. After all, there are many scammers online.

You can try with those sites that provide new account holders with free bets for a specific amount. With such promotions, the more you open with multiple bookmakers, guarantee you more free bets. You also have a chance to compare different odds and bonuses to choose one with the best value.

  1. Completing A Registration Form

When you open the website to register for a betting account, there are details you have to supply:

  • Username and password
  • Currency to use
  • Country of residence
  • Date of birth
  • Name
  • Email address
  • Physical address

Depending on the website, some asks you to add a security code or answering a security question. This is to help verify your account identity.

You can also choose the option of receiving promotional information from the bookmaker. Some will ask for a valid credit card or any other method of payment in your registration process. But that is only needed when you want to deposit.

  1. Payment and Withdrawal Method

After you have registered, the other step is to deposit your funds before you place a bet. It is essential because you should choose a bookmaker providing you different types of payment to choose the one available in your country.

There are many payment methods used, like major recognised credit cards such as MasterCard and Visa. There are other debit cards also accepted and online booking accounts such as NETELLER, skill, and Paypal. Also, there is a minimum amount you can deposit to place a bet.

  1. Bonuses

Many sites offer bonuses to first account users. After depositing your funds, you can place a bet with the amount you want.

However, after that, you can qualify for some bonuses, such as free bets. But, each website has its terms you have to consider to be eligible for the free bet or bonus. Some will ask you to place one or more bet to be eligible while others after registering. You, therefore, must look and choose a website that provides you with the best bonuses.

Final Verdict


Registering and betting online is easy, depending on the website. However, after you have deposited, bookmaker sites allow you to track money in your account and also betting details.