Greyhound Dog Racing Betting Tips

Like horse racing, greyhound racing can be exciting, and there are various ways you can bet on them. Many betting sites offer multiple promotions and dog racing bonus Singapore.

However, you should be familiar with all the factors of betting on such events. You might also find it helpful to seek advice from professional greyhound betting experts.

If you are new to dog racing betting Singapore, the following tips can guide yoursuccess.


To become a successful bettor, you should prepare adequately before placing your wager. This does not only involve deciding which dog to bet on, but you should also conduct a market prediction, wherein you consider the odds and find the best ones.

Consider creating accounts with three or more bookies and comparing the odds they provide. If they do not fit you, put your wager at a different bookmaker with better odds.

Look at the Greyhound’s Info

Before placing a bet, obtaining all of the greyhound’s pertinent facts, like age and previous race performances, is optimal. This can give you an impression of how they will perform on the field.

You Don’t Need to Wager on Every Race

Bear in mind that you do not need to wager on each race. You should limit yourself to no more than two or three races every day and recognize that bookmakers have more experience. Therefore, looking at the Starting Prices (SP) of the dogs in the race is ideal, as these often suggest which greyhounds are more likely to finish in the top positions.

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