Online Casinos Canada- All You Need To Know About Online Casino World

With social distancing guidelines being released casinos are temporarily closed, which leads to the hype in online gambling significantly. As people spend more time at home, often alone with far fewer distractions they are more attracted to such facilities, let’s understand online casinos.

What is an online casino?

Online casinos can also be known as internet casinos or virtual casinos and are online versions of the traditional game of casino. It enables gamblers to play and put wagers on casino games online through various websites available. An online casino has its roots in online gambling and is a branch of that.

Online casinos provide gamblers a vast variety of odds and payback probabilities that are a bit higher than those provided in a traditional offline game. The payout percentages for these games are pre-determined and established by the rules of the game. Assuming that these websites use appropriately programmed random number generator for table games, online casinos Canada reviews are becoming more popular day by day.


Online casinos are further divided into two categories based on the software they use, the following are the types-

  • Web-Based- Web-based online casinos are where the user can play casino games without downloading the software to their devices or computers. A stable internet connection is required to access online casino gaming and to have anuninterrupted virtual casino experience.
  • Download-based- Download-based casinos require users to download client software to play and wager on the games offered in online casinos. Download-based casinos generally run faster than the web-based casinos as all the graphics and animation are pre-installed, it may take some time to install download-based casinos but it’s a onetime process.

Online Casinos Canada- History

In 2004, the British Columbia Lottery Corporation launched Canada’s first legal online casino, which makes legal online gambling available to the residents. A survey conducted in 2007 showed that only about 2.3{fc67a277a59eb5085ae97ba2cdc1c27f0f52d3fde430ab86dc577a84d287410d} of Canadians reported participating in online gambling.

The criminal code of Canada does not prohibit online casinos, but it does prohibit any online gambling that is not owned or licensed by the respective government. There are an estimated 1200 to 1500 offshore online casino websites providing residents facilities to play and wager online sitting just at their home at one click.

Tips to play safe when playing in an online casino-

  • Do not play/ put wager when stressed/depressed or anxious
  • Do not play with a motive to earn everything at once
  • Do not play in online casinos when intoxicated or ill
  • Take a break, don’t let the virtual gaming world take you over
  • Only gamble on websites with pre-commitment tools

The pre-commitment tool helps you to set a limit for the time and money you want to spend on online casino gaming, once you reach the limit it notifies you about the same.

So, concluding for now with a hope that you will be more aware of online casinos as you were before reading this article. Play safe!