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The average value of a ticket played on sporting events is 1.3 euros, said the president of the association, for the Evenimentul Zilei. Each bettor attends agencies about three times a week, on average. The bets are usually people with average and above average incomes, between the ages of 18 and 48 and middle school.

The Requirements

About 96 percent of customers are men. Although the number of players has grown steadily so far, The 먹튀검 site expects the market to decline by 15 percent this year, compared to last year, when the value rose to 120 million euros. There are 20 bookmakers operating in Romania, out of the 24 licensed, with a total number of 6,000 employees.

  • To obtain the license, the bookmakers must turn to the Ministry of Finance, the fees being much higher. Besides betting, people are also passionate about the lottery. Despite the crisis, the representatives of the Lottery estimate an increase of the turnover by over six percent this year. According to the president of the lottery, Liliana Minca, those who play the lottery are people between the ages of 3049, from the urban area, with average education and a monthly income of over 601 dollar.

More and more Romanians are interested in online sports betting, but not everyone knows all the details of this topic. First of all, it must be said that there is now a well-defined legal framework: anyone with a tax residence in Romania, who is at least 18 years old, can play in full legality only at the online betting agencies that have obtained the license from the Office National for Gambling. Those who choose other bookmakers on the internet risk consistent fines, so such an option should never be considered.

The top Ones

To find a top licensed betting house, it is best to access the online community of bets. Here, not only is there a ranking of the most appreciated online betting agencies, but a top betting bonus can also be consulted. Agencies offer welcome packages, bonuses that can reach hundreds of dollar when a free account is set up. Attention, sometimes you need a bonus code that can be easily downloaded from the website mentioned above. Unibet, NetBet, sportingnet, winmastershere are just a few of the online betting agencies licensed in Romania, which generally have the best offers. Detailed rankings and many useful information can be accessed so that the players can take advantage of the greatest advantages.

Last Words

Also on there is also a top live beta good opportunity for bettors. You bet on a certain development of a football match even while it is taking place! The odds are updated in real time, and the placing of bets can be done instantly, without any effort (without going to a physical location, during which the odds can be changed slightly).

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