What Is Exotic Horse Betting, And How Does It Work?

Exotic horse betting is consistently becoming a prevailing parlay in sports gambling. Many Singapore horse racing lives today are generating a luring advertisement for their upcoming events with this type of gambling. With its promising big profits, numerous professional bettors and novices wish to try it out.

However, what is exotic horse betting, and how does it work?

Exotic horse parlays are horse racing ventures that require bettors to correctly predict the finish order of runners in a race or the results for every competition in a series. Nonetheless, it can be a risky lucrative game. That is why experts advise risk-takers to understand how it works and its different categories.

If you are a novice at exotic horse betting, you can try placing a bet on a single unknown horse race. It will give you an idea of calculating odds and the payouts. Unlike other betting types, however, most bets at the track are made on pari-mutuel wagers, which means that the odds aren’t final until the race is underway. The racetrack pools money from specific bets to create a pool for exotic bettors.

What are the various types of exotic horse bets?

Most betting sites and sportsbooks offer two types of exotic horse wagers: The Horizontal and the Vertical exotic bet.

Horizontal Exotic Bet

An exotic horizontal venture is a multi-race parlay that allows gamblers to place bets on horses they believe will win at least two to six races. Wagerers will win if all their chosen horses finish first in the race. The sad part is that the entire wager is lost when one of their horses fails to win.

Vertical Exotic Bet

Vertical bets are multi-horse parlays where the money put at stake is placed on one race. Its difference from the horizontal bet is the bettors must correctly identify which order the horses will finish winning to win.

Under these two classifications of gambling parlay, there are also various categories. To know all about them, read the infographic below brought to you by the conventional Singapore pools sports enterprise, CM2BET:

Singapore Pools Betting Understanding Exotic Horse Bets