Be Wise And Choose Situs Poker Online To Play

The game of poker has been around for a long time, but during much of this period, it remained in the smoky backrooms of casinos and bars. When the World Series of Poker started in Las Vegas, poker was played only by the rich, as only they could afford the expensive buy-ins of tournaments.

It was only after the introduction of Internet poker satellites and increased television exposure in 2003 that poker’s popularity exploded. Today when you mention the game of poker, you can’t help but think of playing Internet poker and situs poker online is the best place to do it. Playing online poker has so many advantages, that the game is popular and enjoyed by enthusiasts all over the world.

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When you choose situsqq online you choose:

Poker action available 24/7

No matter when you want to play poker, you’re sure to find a game or a tournament available. Situs poker online offers online poker action 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. If you stay in Europe, you’ll find more players online during the evening hours and on weekends, but even players from Canada and Australia will find poker action at hours when it’s convenient for them to play.

No traveling no tipping, no clothes

You have the possibility of playing whenever you want; Internet poker gives you the opportunity to play from your bedroom or kitchen. You don’t need to travel to the nearest casino. There are no dealers to tip, and you can drink and eat whatever you have in your refrigerator. If you’re playing in your own home, wearing clothes and tipping is optional.

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The game is faster per hour

When you sit down at a poker table in a casino, the pace of your game depends on how fast the dealer can shuffle and deal the cards. You may end up falling asleep at the table or not be able to keep your concentration fully focused after hours of slow, slow play. Internet poker gives you very fast game speed, which results in a lot of poker action all the time. And if the pace of online poker is not fast enough, try out situsqq online Speed Poker tables, for probably the fastest poker you’ve ever played.


When you sit down to play poker in a card room, you’ll be playing the game at the pace the cards are dealt. Your mind is capable of acting a bit faster than the dealer can deal the cards, but you’re stuck. Not so with Internet Poker. If the action is slow on one table, you can just open another. Play two tables simultaneously, or even more. So make sure you bet correctly on each table and don’t miss your good cards when you get them.

Huge benefits

Although some casinos will give free food coupons, and maybe even comp you free accommodations, they only do this to keep you happy while you’re playing at their tables. Situs poker is known for the huge benefits it gives its players. Situs poker offers newcomers an extremely generous welcome package, including an easily redeemed first deposit bonus and entries to exclusive free roll tournaments.