How to Win in the BTTS Market

F-U-N. This is one of the prominent reasons many people bet on sports, and if you are looking for a beginner-friendly market for your sports betting friends, the BTTS market is for you. With Both Teams To Score market, bettors only need to guess if both teams can score a goal or not.

In this game, it is easy to win. Both rookies and experienced bettors find value in it as winnings can also be sued for double up. Allowed in both Singapore and online gambling in Malaysia, local sports bettors can use their parlays in the BTTS market’s low odds in exchange for potential big wins.

For those who are still having a hard time predicting when to bet on “yes” or “no,” here are some tips.

Look for High Scoring Teams and Teams with Poor Defence

One strategy that professional sports bettors use is the power of research and statistics. It is a fail-proof way that increases their chance of winning in the BTTS market. They look at the two contending football teams’ strike rates and see whether they should bet on both teams scoring or not. If the strike rate is 100{130d5c28bdc5e102f52019cc595fc061fbb668bfeded7c11327144950b69c5ac}, the bet will likely be a “yes” from these punters.

Aside from checking high-scoring teams, they also look for groups that are poor when it comes to their defence; this will help make better betting decisions in live casino online in Malaysia.

Always Check for the Latest News

Being in the loop of what is happening about the latest game matches will help you determine whether they have the potential to score high or low in the game. See if the teams’ performance is changing or if they are changing their managers or are recruiting new players. A team members’ health is also to be checked, especially those good attackers, defenders, and scorers, because this can significantly impact their gameplay.

Learn more about winning in the BTTS market through this infographic by CM2Bet.

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