Top Countries That Produce the Worst Poker Players

Every country has both good and bad poker players and just because you might get some bad beats from some players in a specific country, it doesn’t mean that all players in that country play poorly just because  You have been beaten up by a pro.  A certain country does not mean that everyone is a supporter of that country


The United States is the birthplace of the game of poker.  It is also a very big country in terms of population, so there are definitely going to be a lot of good and bad players coming from this country.

The US is also a very high income country so you will have more people you know obviously just have the ability to throw money around maybe play some bad cards maybe make some bad poker plays but  In my experience I think you’re getting a lot of the top professionals in the world from this country as well, so with a lot of countries on this list I think it’s going to be a mixed bag, did I  got bad beats American for years.

2. Canada

Canada produces a lot of bad poker players.  I mean I think it’s debatable.  I mean some people say I play badly. I probably do sometimes. Once again I think Canada is a country that produces a lot of ligapoker players, both good and bad, it is also a high income country, so you can once again like the United States a lot of people.  You probably know the disposable income to play some dubious poker but again I’ve met a lot of strong Canadian poker pros over the years.

3. France

France the first European country on this list Once again a country with a high population Rich country This country is going to have a lot of good players, there’s going to be some bad players who will play terrible if I pronounce it

  Okay so once again this is one of those things where I think it’s just going to come down to a personal perspective.

4. Germany

Another big western European country which is now going to be Germany, i have seen many good players from Germany in the last few years but

 Of course there are some players who might not play that well and once again a big country rich country disposable money lots of poker players come from this country. You know some of my best friends are German poker professionals but you know  Have seen something like this – So over the years the Germans play at the poker table.

5. Sweden

Now on the list is going to be Sweden it is the first country of the Northern European Nordic type on this list and I am really not surprised that this country has made it to the list because over the years there is such an idea that players Sweden from Norway Finland,  Many of these countries play very loose and aggressive and it is bad enough for some to believe that it is actually the best way to play poker.